News …

Legal downloads still can’t make up for lost record sales – Telegraph U.K.

Madonna adoption ruling postponed. Maddy will have to wait until next week for judge’s decision – Associated Press

Groovy, man! Collection of psychedelic art, including paintings of Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and The Doors, goes on the auction block – Associated Press

Stewart Copeland talks about The Police reunion tour – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Condoleezza Rice (yes, THAT Condoleezza Rice), to perform at Aspen Music Fest – Sky-Hi Daily News

Kathleen Edwards takes questions, gives answers – Santa Barbara Independent

Views …

Radiohead in St. Louis – “How do you sum up a show that’s one of the best you’ve ever seen – in your life?” – Riverfront Times

The Cure in Montreal – ” … ran through its extensive back catalogue, mixing obscurities with hits in a generous, polished performance.” – Montreal Gazette

Kanye West in NYC – “Mr. West’s set was the most daring arena spectacle hip-hop has yet produced, and in some ways the best, even as it jettisoned standard hip-hop expectations.” – The New York Times (registration may be required)

Elton John in New Zealand – “As he kicked up his heels, jumping over his piano stool and launching into ‘The Bitch Is Back,’ the crowd settled in to a comfortable trance, watching Sir Elton come alive as he absorbed the life force of his music.” – The New Zealand Herald

Flight Of The Conchords in Chicago – “not only confirmed that they’re the most wicked and spot-on rock ‘n’ roll parody since Spinal Tap, but the best made-for-TV rock band since the Banana Splits, or maybe even the Monkees before them.” – Chicago Sun-Times (registration may be required)

Natalie Cole in Waterbury, CT – ” … the classy sultriness of her voice made for the best portions of her performance.” Hartford Courant

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

Wavy Gravy is 72

Trini Lopez is 71

Lenny Welch is 70

Lainie Kazan is 68

Brian Eno is 60

Mike Oldfield is 55

Prince Be (PM Dawn) is 38