Death pool lists are often a source of office amusement with workers picking the celebrities they feel are most likely to buy the farm. However, a Real Player alert leading us to “The Death Pool” posted on made us scratch our own collective heads.

“The Death Pool – A Rhapsody Photo Gallery” depicts the usual suspects for such a list, like drug-troubled singers and heavily wrinkled guitar players. But this death watch list also featured artists we’d never think of including.

Such as Kanye West, who appeared on the list with a caption reading, “It’s only a matter of time before Kanye convinces himself that he’s faster than a speeding bullet and is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”

But the big surprise was the inclusion of Jack Johnson on the list. Yes, that’s right, clean-living, wholesome Jack Johnson appeared as the 10th and last selection on Rhapsody’s Death Pool, along with the caption, “Jack Johnson surfs in his free time, eats banana pancakes and has zero enemies. But we can dream, right?”

You gotta admit that’s a pretty nasty statement to include on a music service’s blog posting. Especially for a music service that lists that same artist as one of its audience’s top 10 favorites. Check out the entire list for yourself by clicking here.