Tim Rewarded For Good Husbandry

Belfast Waterfront managing director Tim Husbands was rewarded for the way he runs the venue when the Irish Institute of Hospitality gave him the Janus Award for "professional of the year."

The Janus Awards, which the institute hands out annually for managers in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors, were created 13 years ago to acknowledge "outstanding establishments and professionals who continually achieve the highest possible standards."

Husbands told the May 9 awards ceremony at Belfast’s Europa Hotel the award recognises "the Waterfront’s achievements as a leading international concert and conference centre of excellence and as a public sector model of best practice."

The "Professional of the Year (Public Sector)" award recognises the achievements of senior managers with ultimate responsibility for a workforce of more than 50 from public sector organisations including hospitals, schools, universities, government bodies, conference centres and visitor attractions.

A record 113 nominations were received for this year’s Janus Awards across 13 categories.

The Institute of Hospitality (formerly HCIMA) is the professional body for managers and potential managers in the hospitality industry and has a worldwide membership of about 30,000. It is locally represented by 27 U.K. regional branches with 17 international groups.