Cyrus Accused Of Theft

Ticketing scandals, half-nude photos and now copyright infringement.

The latest kerfuffle involving Miley Cyrus centers on the teen sensation’s song "Rockstar," which Los Angeles punk band Lustra claims was basically ripped off from its song "Scotty Doesn’t Know."

"Scotty Doesn’t Know" is from Lustra’s Left For Dead album and was recorded for the movie "Eurotrip" in 2004.

"Rockstar" was featured on the Hannah Montana 2 soundtrack, which debuted at No. 1 on the charts last year.

"Although we are very flattered that Ms. Cyrus took this route, we would have preferred some credit," Lustra guitarist Nick Cloutman said in a statement.

Some say that the two songs aren’t that similar. A columnist for the Boston Herald writes: "Cyrus’ song "Rockstar" features a spunky cheerleader beat and a generic guitar riff derivative of anyone from Blink-182 to Avril Lavigne. It appears to share a smidgen of mall-punk DNA riffage with the Lustra song."

The statement by the band noted that the publicity over the song hasn’t hurt as Lustra’s MySpace page received more than 3 million profile views in less than 24 hours.

So far, no actual legal action has been taken.

According to ABC News, a spokesperson for the "Hannah Montana" star said that the tiny singer doesn’t write any of her music and referred the incident to Disney.