The band will hit cities coast-to-coast, beginning July 17 at Casbah in San Diego and wrapping up August 5 at The Mohawk in Austin.

Besides “the Corn Palace, Wally World, the Beast (the world’s longest rollercoaster) and stopping for a Chicago hot-dog,” destinations on the duo’s trek include CafĂ© du Nord in San Francisco (July 19), Chop Suey in Seattle (July 22), The Hideout in Chicago (July 26), Brooklyn Masonic Temple in New York (July 31) and Ottobar in Baltimore (August 2).

Tickets for some shows are available at

Aaron and Ariana headed back into the studio to record Hymn, due sometime in July, soon after returning home from the massive tour for 2007’s Mentor Tormentor, which took two years to make.

In fact, the band has made a vow to release at least one record every fiscal year for the next 10 years – or until they decide they don’t want to.

“We recorded the new album really quickly,” Espinoza said. “We didn’t wanna wait another three years to make another record.”