Yeah, it’s about that time. Time when the remaining members of the free world anxiously count down the minutes until the end of the workday and the start of the weekend. Meanwhile, we’re still researching concert data, plugging in dates, investigating venues and checking out support acts. And we’ll be doing it until our corporate masters pull our keyboards out of our cold, dead hands. Or until 5 pm. Whichever comes first.

Anyway …

We have some new Ari Hest dates for late June. New on Ari’s schedule is June 22 in Cleveland, Ohio; June 23 in Ann Arbor, Michigan; June 24 in Indianapolis, Indiana; June 26 in Madison, Wisconsin; June 28 in Champaign, Illinois; June 29 in Des Moines, IA; and June 30 in Columbia, Missouri. We also posted July listings for St. Louis, Missouri; Cambridge, Massachusetts’ amd Amagansett, New York.

Richard Julian updates today with several new club dates for June. Like June 17 in Muncie, Indiana, at Doc’s; June 22 in Asheville, North Carolina, at Grey Eagle and June 25 in Greenville, South Carolina at The Handlebar. Other new stops include cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, Des Moines and Lexington.

Speaking of clubs, Obituary has already lined up a September / October club run. New dates include September 17 in New Orleans at House Of Blues; September 25 in San Francisco at Slim’s; October 4 in Cleveland at Peabody’s Downunder and October 7 in Philadelphia at the Trocadero.

And Will Hoge adds a scattering of new shows across the next few months. Such as July 9 in Newport, Kentucky; August 29 in Dallas, Texas; September 27 in Greenville, South Carolina; and October 30 in Vienna, Virginia.

During the past couple of hours we also tweaked the schedules for Yellowjackets, Tori Sparks, Tierney Sutton, Tara Grieco, The Romantics, Sister Hazel, Sasha Dobson, Rev Theory, Nicholas Payton, Karrin Allyson, Gypsy Pistoleros, Dub Trio, Elliot Minor, Christian McBride, Built To Spill and Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies.

And there’s still more stuff to clean up, dust off, wax and buff before that quittin’ time whistle blows for the last time this week. Don’t miss your final update of the day – The Closing Bell – coming up around 5 pm (PDT), from!