A three-day jam-band festival expected to take place June 27-29 at an ATV park in Wampum, Pa., is now canceled because of a lack of funds.

The JamBaloosa festival advertised Wu-Tang Clan as a headliner. It also had several acts – including The Cause, Cathsaigh, The Sun Kings, Burning River Band, Lotus Groove and Twelve Bucks Band, – playing more than one date. The end result was a promoter who couldn’t reach deadlines on an insurance policy and a $12,500 down payment to rent the property.

"It became obvious this guy was in over his head," Dave Tullis, VP of business development for the Mines & Meadows ATV park, told the Beaver County Times.

Promoter Erick Gross told the paper he was disappointed and will look at other sites in western Pennsylvania for his festival. He said he didn’t finalize an agreement with Mines & Meadows because local officials kept piling on stipulations that ate away at his bottom line.

"I would have lost a lot of people money if I had [signed] that kind of agreement," Gross told the Times.

He said he was led to believe the park would allow one of the mines on the property to be used as an underground concert stage, which would host techno and jam acts. However, owners of the mine apparently told him he would need an additional $12,500 insurance policy and pay for $8,000 in safety improvements.

Borough officials also wanted Gross to place gravel in the Mines & Meadows driveway to build traction for trucks (Tullis claims the request came from Gross’ company), and the New Beaver volunteer Fire Department wanted a piece of the parking revenue. Tullis said that was equally not true.

No matter the case, Gross said he would press on and try to move the event to another location for the same weekend.

"There are always bumps in the road," David Tauberg, bassist and singer for The Cause, told the paper. Tauberg is also a committee member for the Pittsburgh Blues Festival at Hartwood Acres and said Gross had time to find a new location.

"I don’t care if it’s in Wampum, Altoona or Washington County," he said.