Overnight Sensation …

Our writers are so good that they write about bands and artists before anyone has ever heard of them. For example, our writers wrote the following two items, which are scheduled to post within the next 18 hours, during a somewhat hectic afternoon in 1997.

Innerpartysystem Has HopeThe band joins the lineups for Hot Topic’s Hope for the Hopeless tour and Projekt Revolution’s German runs and gears up for a U.K. headlining run.

Celebrating A Silver SummerKT Tunstall, Willie Nelson, Gilberto Gil, John Hiatt and Garrison Keillor are just a few of the names on the schedule for the 25th Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

Link-O-Rama …

Capitol Records prez Lee Trink expected to leave the label at the end of the month – Fox News

Bertelsmann might sell its share of Sony BMG to Sony – AFP

U2 manager Paul McGuinness says Radiohead’s pay-as-you-like pricing for In Rainbows “to some extent backfired” – BBC

BBC signs archive footage deal with EMI. The agreement means footage shot of bands and artists over the past 40-plus years could end up on DVDs – The Times Online U.K.

Madonna press flacks deny rumors circulating the gossip blogosphere that Maddy and Guy are splitsville – OK Magazine

Amy Winehouse’s husband offered pub landlord he attacked £200,000 (about $390,600 U.S.) to “effectively throw the case and not turn up” – Telegraph U.K.

Coolio arrested in Los Angeles on outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license – Associated Press

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

We received a quick update from Dolly Parton right before we started closing down the hamster wheels on our servers today. New dates include August 10 in Denver at Wells Fargo Theatre; October 11 in Omaha at Qwest Center Omaha and October 15 in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

But if you’re looking for a different kind of dolly, the New York Dolls have added some September dates for the U.K. New dates on the calendar include July 1 in Nottingham; July 2 in Bristol; and July 3 in Manchester.

The Latin rock band from Austin, Texas, known as Del Castillo adds several new summer dates today. Newly posted listings include July 15 in Crystal Bay, NV; July 24 in Quincy, CA; August 21 in Indianapolis, IN; and September 5 in Wichita Falls, TX.

And we have a boatload of new dates for the Melvins. In fact, they floated right up to our barge mooring on the canal that winds through our compound. New dates include July 15 in Hollywood, CA; August 5 in Hamtramck, MI; August 10 in Northampton, MA; August 13 in Brookly, NY; and August 20 in New Orleans, LA.

During the day we also updated the schedules for Carrie Underwood, Paul Simon, The Waifs, Jonas Brothers, Foxy Brown, Kathy Mattea, Cat Power, Eve 6, Testament, k.d. lang, Rodney Atkins, Seven Mary Three, Lez Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, The Black Keys, Uriah Heep, The Alarm, Neil Young, plus thousand and thousands of bands and artists. Heck, we’d love to take the hours needed to mention each and every one of them in this space, but our corporate overlords aren’t too crazy about paying overtime.

And that’s our story for Tuesday, June 10, 2008. Maybe not as exciting as June 10, 2007, but definitely better than June 10, 2006. Thank you for your patronage, your love and your devotion, and we hope you’ll still feel that way about us after your meds run out. G’night.