Without further ado, we offer stories about the dancefloor rescuing artists from obscurity, good news for Amy Winehouse, a surprising inspiration for My Morning Jacket‘s new disc, a nerdy pastime of the Wu-Tang Clan, a tell-all book about the Material Girl and the return of vinyl to retail stores, followed by a fresh batch of dates for Melvins, Kill Hannah, Ponytail, Cyndi Lauper and Peg Bundy, er, Katey Sagal.

Overnight Sensation …

The world probably won’t end if you don’t read these stories coming up tomorrow morning that we made some poor soul spend hours and hours on, writing in a cramped office with bad lighting and a cranky air-conditioner. But do you really want to take that chance?

Radin’s Summer SojurnJoshua Radin follows a successful run on the Hotel Café Tour with some headlining dates.

Freshly Dipped Hip-Hop – The Hieroglyphics and Blue Scholars team up for a summer trek to celebrate Hiero Imperium’s 10th birthday.

Link-O-Rama …

So where are DJ’s finding material to remix into hot club tracks these days? Would you believe Libya? – BBC News

While Amy Winehouse escaped charges for an infamous video, the folks who supplied the contraband aren’t so lucky. – ABC News

Artists credit all kinds of influences for the sound of their work – but Manhattan rent prices? My Morning Jacket says yes. – New York Post

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan are known for their diverse interests. Now they just might succeed in making chess cool. – NPR

Hope she was nice to him when they were kids. Madonna’s brother pens a memoir about the singer. – Associated Press via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A typo reintroduces vinyl records to retail stores in the Pacific Northwest with pleasant results. And it’s spreading! – Associated Press via Orlando Sentinel

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

The Melvins are coming to a venue near you, whether you live in a hotbed of culture like San Francisco, Chicago or Boston or someplace more out of the way like Billings, Mont., Bend, Ore., or Tucson, Ariz.

Look out U.K and Europe, Kill Hannah has its sights set on your conquest. Planned stops include Stockholm, Sweden; Zurich, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; London: Helsinki, Finland and lots more!

Pop-punk quartet Ponytail is leaving the safe harbor of hometown Baltimore to bring aural pleasure to folks in places like New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and Philadelphia.

Speaking of hot, Cyndi Lauper keeps on keepin’ on, adding some post-True Colors Tour U.K. dates in support of her smokin’ new album, Bring Ya to the Brink.

And finally, she’s not just funny and beautiful, she’s also a great singer. Katey Sagal continues to hit venues around the country, with a new show just added in Henderson, Nev.

Plus, while we weren’t hanging around the water cooler discussing creepy Lou in accounting, um, we mean scouring the Net for hot news, we also updated schedules for Andrew Bird, Bullet for My Valentine, Candlebox, Dengue Fever, Flogging Molly, Guttermouth, Journey, Marcia Ball, Missy Higgins, The Ting Tings and billions and billions more. Seriously. We’re pretty sure it was billions.

Okay kids, as they say at the sandwich shop around the corner about meat, cheese and veggies rolled in a tortilla, “That’s a wrap!” Sorry, must be sunstroke. We’ll be better tomorrow morning, after a few manhattans and a good night’s sleep. See you bright and early for another exciting day of this crazy biz they call music. (Hey, there “they” are again!)