Anschutz Goes Hiking

Phil Anschutz, known for imaginative investments, is expected to soon have a significant footprint in the national parks.

The CEO of Xanterra Parks & Resorts told his staff in a June 6th memo that the company was expected to be sold to Anschutz come fall. The company is known for operating concessions and lodgings in national parks.

Xanterra, formerly Amfac, employs 8,200 people and operates 34 hotels and lodges, 54 retail stores, 66 restaurants, three marinas, five golf courses and 1,800 campsites in national and state parks, according to the Denver Business Journal.

"The Anschutz Co. is impressed with Xanterra’s outstanding reputation in environmental stewardship and in customer service which you have helped us achieve," Xanterra CEO Andy Todd told employees in his memo, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Todd assured his staff that no changes to the structure or culture of the company were planned.

Anschutz has investments in the film industry, soccer, a bicycling event, telecommunications and, of course, the concert business.