‘Idol’ Union Wants Royalty Refunds

The producers of "American Idol" are facing a lawsuit from the American Federation of Musicians for what the organization alleges were attempts to subvert royalty payments to union musicians.

The suit claims that AFL-CIO musicians employed by "American Idol" are supposed to be paid a set percentage for all performances and rehearsals, as well as decreasing percentages for re-runs of the programs, according to court documents obtained by KTLA News.

But beginning in 2007, producers reportedly began re-recording the original show soundtracks with different musicians for "American Idol Rewind," in effect cutting out the need for the royalty payments.

"The union was not told by the employer that such recording was taking place and had no knowledge of these facts during the recording process," the suit said.

The suit seeks unpaid royalties, damages and attorneys’ fees from American Idol Productions and its subsidiary Tick Tock Productions.