Rabarock’s Steady

Kristo Rajasaare was disappointed the third staging of Estonia’s Rabarock didn’t pull more punters than the second, but major sponsors SEB Bank and Jagermeister are pleased that film from the festival will be shown on the country’s national TV station in the autumn.

The 10,000-capacity, two-day event in the beautiful central Estonian village of Jarvakandi attracted about 5,000 people in 2006, 12,000 last year and the same number this year.

Five thousand of the tickets were for both days and Rajasaare was pleased to sell 1,200 day tickets for the second day, particularly as it rained from morning to night.

The event was started by Eesti Rockifestival, a company Rajasaare and other music enthusiasts formed because the country hasn’t had a festival that attracts international acts since the collapse of Beach Party.

The acts helping Estonia to put that right June 13-14 included Sparks, The Fall, Danko Jones, Helloween, Fujiya & Miyagi, Black Lips, Electric Eel Shock and Pitchshifter.