In 1970, Chubby Checker and three other people were arrested in Niagara Falls, Ontario and charged with possession of marijuana and hashish.

In 1975, Alice Cooper broke six of his ribs after he fell off the stage during a Vancouver concert. Several dates on Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” tour had to be cancelled.

In 1991, a brawl at an Atlanta nightclub led to charges of aggravated assault and battery against lead rapper . He and two other members of the rap group, Raymond White and Michael Dobson, were charged with attacking two bouncers at the club. McDaniels later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct while intoxicated and was fined 600 dollars, while White and Dobson were each fined 400.

In 1996, the Sex Pistols played in Britain for the first time in 19 years, performing before 30,000 people in London. The four members were rumoured to have made as much as $1.5 million dollars each for the series of reunion concerts dubbed “The Filthy Lucre Tour.”