MTV said it plans for the first time to enlist its Web-savvy, youthful audience to help decide the nominees.

The network intends to take over the movie studio’s lot and present the awards show from sound stages, rooftops and city streets. MTV and Paramount are corporate cousins within Viacom Inc.

“With Paramount Pictures as the ideal setting, the glamour and musical heritage of L.A. are sure to be catalysts for creating explosive pop culture moments that the VMAs are known for,” Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks Music Group, said in a statement.

September’s VMAs – which will mark the show’s 25th year – has a tough act to follow after last year’s drama-filled extravaganza at the Palms Casino Resort.

The Vegas edition delivered one of the most-talked about performances in recent history: Britney Spears‘ reviled comeback performance in which the pop star appeared nervous, out-of-shape and just plain out-of-it on stage.

There was also an off-camera fight between Pamela Anderson exes Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, and more divalike behavior from Kanye West, who threw a tantrum in front of media and crew backstage because he lost all five categories for which he was nominated. (Can anyone say “omg”?)

It’s been a decade since MTV last televised the VMAs in Los Angeles. In recent years, the show has been presented from Miami and MTV’s home base of New York.

This year’s host, nominees and slate of performers will be announced at a later date.