Lockout Furor Ignites In Adelaide

Just weeks after nightclub operators united against plans to introduce a 2 a.m. lockout in Melbourne, a furor began in another Australian city.

Police requested Adelaide’s 110 licensed venues try a 3 a.m. lockout in a bid to cut down drunken violence. Eighty agreed.

Eighteen banded together as the Late Night Traders Group as a protest group. Almost 11,000 clubbers joined a Facebook group set up by the opposition political party in another protest.

Police are so infuriated they’ll most likely push for the lockout to be compulsory.

If that happens, the exemptions offered for the voluntary trial will be revoked. These include granting clubbers 15-minute smoke breaks, allowing those already in the queue to enter after 3 a.m. and allowing late-night workers a special card to get in.