“Comes With Music” is set to launch in the second half of 2008 and will give purchasers of select Nokia mobile phones one year’s worth of free music. Although the music is protected by digital rights management technology, customers are permitted to keep the music even if they do not renew their subscriptions.

WMG’s hopping on the Comes With Music bandwagon leaves EMI as the only major label yet to join in on the fun. Universal Music Group was the only major label involved when Nokia announced the program in December, and Sony BMG came onboard earlier this year.

“Nokia’s Comes With Music service will be a significant step forward in the evolution of digital music. It’s the first global initiative to fundamentally align the interests of music companies with telecommunications companies,” said WMG chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. “Through this innovative service and business model, all parties are equally driven to create the best and most comprehensive music offering designed to meet the ever-expanding consumer appetite for music and music-enabled devices.”