We arrived this morning to discover a massive crate overflowing with tour dates had been dropped on our loading dock overnight. And sitting right on the top of all the data for artists, bands, dates and cities was the 2008 / 2009 European itinerary for German band MIA. The time-span is November through February and the dates include November 22 (Lubeck, Germany), December 19 (Dresden, Germany), January 9 (Hohenems, Austria), January 11 (Zurich, Switzerland) and February 21 (Berlin (German). Other stops include Graz (Austria), Basel (Switzerland), Munster (Germany) and Munich (Germany).

Beneath the MIA schedule were four new listings for the Toadies – August 26 in Shreveport, LA, at The Warehouse; September 16 in San Francisco at Slim’s; September 20 in Portland, OR, at Hawthorne Theatre; September 21 in Boise, ID, at Knitting Factory and September 24 in Englewood, CO, at Gothic Theatre.

Argentine artist Federico Aubele updates today with several new September listings for the U.S. and Canada. New postings include September 2 in Washington, DC; September 5 in Montreal; September 9 in Chicago; September 12 in Denver; September 16 in Seattle; and September 25 in San Diego.

And Donna Jean & The Tricksters were also included in that crate of dates we found on our loading dock this morning. New dates for Donna and the band include September 26 in Fall River, Massachusetts and October 11 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During the first 90 minutes of biz we also updated the schedules for Devo, Dubconscious, Gnarls Barkley, Holden Young Trio, Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Scott Henderson, The Spin and Wild Wes & The Allstars.

And that’s how things started this morning. Of course, more data is arriving every minute at our beautiful Fresno campus via plane, train and dirigible. Don’t miss your Midday Update, coming up around 12 noon (PDT), from Pollstar.com.