SPAC With Syrup On Top?

Venue officials are looking into refining the latest design proposal of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. The change comes after a local newspaper’s blog filled up with comments comparing the proposed $2.5 million redesign to a giant stack of pancakes.

Other comparisons included a flyer saucer, a tutu, a clam, a wedding cake, a Big Mac, a biscuit and a cookie.

The renovation is scheduled to begin in October and be finished by May. While the design is being reviewed, the state is moving forward with bidding on lighting, sound and bathroom changes, according to the Daily Gazette. After installing new padded seats in the amphitheatre, building a new roof and improving the backstage, the latest phase of the project includes replacing the 43-year-old wooden siding deteriorating on the outside of the 25,000-capacity shed.

Saratoga Associates designed the renovation to include "green" features like recycled paper on the façade and fiber-optic lights to reduce light pollution but brighten the walkways.