Yusuf Islam Wins Libel Case

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) has won undisclosed damages against two entertainment newswires that claimed he’s a sexist bigot.

London’s High Court heard July 18 that World Entertainment News Network (WENN) and another site belonging to Contactmusic.com that repeated the story had already printed apologies.

The case related to articles published in March 2007 that said the Muslim singer/songwriter was a sexist bigot who refused to speak to any woman not wearing a veil.

The stories claimed the information came from his manager, who was explaining why the artist had allegedly refused to speak to some women at an awards ceremony.

"Mr. Islam has never had any difficulties working with women, whether for religious or any other reasons," lawyer Adam Tudor told the court.

He said the allegations were entirely false and the artist’s manager never made the statement quoted in the articles.

WENN and Contactmusic.com Ltd. agreed to pay substantial damages, which were to be donated to the charity Small Kindness, and cover Islam’s legal costs.