Couple Claims Rough Joel Concert

A couple has put the city of New York on notice for $5.5 million claiming they were roughed up and handcuffed at the Billy Joel concert at Shea Stadium July 18.

Bryan and Wendy Siegel claim they intervened in a dispute between an older couple and what the couple’s attorney described as four rowdy, beer-swilling and possibly drunk women during the stadium’s farewell concert, according to AM New York.

The couple was roughed up by security guards, with Bryan Siegel getting handcuffed and Wendy receiving a bruise although she was not handcuffed, according to attorney Sanford Rubenstein.

"It is a travesty that two innocent people [who] attempt to tell the truth to Shea Stadium security about the victimization of an elderly couple get assaulted by Shea Stadium security, one charged with a criminal act, when they did nothing wrong," Rubenstein told the paper.

The couple filed a notice with the city comptroller’s office, which has to be done before a lawsuit is filed because Shea Stadium is city-owned, Rubenstein said.

Representatives for the New York City Department of Parks and the New York Mets told the paper they had not seen a report or lawsuit.