Allen Cleared On Radio Comments

Canadian artist manager Bruce Allen has been cleared over charges that he violated a Human Rights clause in the country’s Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics after making some controversial comments on the radio last September.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council recently examined a segment from Allen’s "Reality Check" radio program that focused on immigration, and found it wasn’t "abusive or unduly discriminatory material or comment," according to a press release.

"The panel finds none of the examples cited problematic in their mere mention under the Human Rights Clause. They are all issues of current, or recent, public discussion, and, even if controversial, absolutely fair to raise and discuss," the CBSC ruled.

Following the segment on the program, some Vancouver officials had called for Allen’s removal from his position at CKNW radio station as well as his position on the organizing committee for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Allen – manager of Anne Murray, Bryan Adams, Martina McBride and Michael Bublé – acknowledged making some mistakes at the time.

"If I offended anyone, I apologize," he said in a follow-up segment, explaining he may not have made the best choices in the wording of the program.