Amy Scarecrow

A Norfolk farmer struggling to come up with a fearsome scarecrow has made one that looks like Amy Winehouse. And it works.

The 36-year-old farmer from Ludham, Norfolk, came up with the idea of using a Winehouse scarecrow after discovering that his traditional scarecrow was failing to keep the birds off his sugar beets.

But the one he’s modeled on Amy, with her trademark beehive and tattoos and clutching a cigarette and bottle of booze, has been so successful that he’s thinking of making others to look like Pete Doherty and Amy’s infamous husband.

The troubled and apparently scary (at least for birds) star was back in the national headlines July 29, after spending the night in London’s University College Hospital.

Her spokesman said she suffered an adverse reaction to medication at home and was hospitalized. The drugs are thought to have been prescribed to combat the early stages of emphysema, a condition her father revealed to media a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile the July 30 edition of the Sun claimed Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has "vowed" to catch "the pal" who sparked the "string of terrifying fits" that led to her hospital visit by "spiking her drink with the killer drug ecstasy."