The WE8 project, sponsored by Coca Cola, asked each artist to create a track based upon a provided theme that embodies the spirit of the Olympics.

The themes were also given to 8 featured graphic artists in China including Joyn Viscom, MeWe and Wang Xu, who designed artwork for classic style Coca Cola bottles.

Themes include Global Harmony, Uplifting Moments, Active Optimism, Happiness, Individual Perseverance, Healthy World, Human Collaboration and Peace On Earth.

The goal of the project was to bridge cultures around the world, with people from more than 50 countries free to download the graphics and tunes. Additional downloads for all eight songs, as well as profiles and photos of the graphic designers and musicans are available at

To download all eight tracks, right click and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As.”

Download Tiësto’s “Global Harmony”

Download Benny Benassi’s “Happiness Factory Remixed”

Download Cezar’s “Keep On”

Download Jay-J’s “Happiness”

Download “Be It All”

Download Kaskade’s “Beautiful World”

Download Lucas Prata‘s “Just Say Yeah”

Download Serge Devant‘s “Peace On Earth”