Pat Green Has Too Many Beers

Country singer/songwriter Pat Green’s show at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn was cut short after he was knocked out cold by a beer can thrown at the stage, a local newspaper reported.

A couple of cold ones were reportedly thrown on stage after Green asked the crowd, “Anyone got a beer?” The first wasn’t a problem but the second hit the singer between his eyes.

Even the Associated Press picked up the story but Green’s publicist, HBRP’s Heather Bohn, told Pollstar it was blown out of proportion.

She said a state trooper heard the story secondhand and passed on the tale to a reporter at the Citizen Patriot Green who wasn’t at the show.

Bohn said Green was hit by a beer can during his last song but it didn’t knock him unconscious and he didn’t need stitches.

“He’s absolutely fine; he played a show the next night. He walked off the stage,” Bohn said. “Yes he got hit with a beer can, but he’s doing just fine.”