The Take Back The Country Tour kicks off September 13 at Head of Falls in Waterville, Maine, and wraps with a special show with Anti-Flag November 29 at Terminal 5 in New York City.

Stops include the Learning Center for The Deaf in Framingham, Maine (September 26), Mr. Small’s Theatre in Pittsburgh (September 28), Station 4 in St Paul, Minn. (October 3), Club Downunder in Tallahassee, Fla. (October 7), Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, N.C. (October 13), Webster Theatre in Hartford, Conn. (October 17), and Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vt. (October 25-26).

Joining State Radio for the trek will be Bongo Love, which hails from Zimbabwe, where people experience human rights violations on a daily basis.

Tickets for some shows are available at

State Radio frontman Chad Stokes Urmston explained the goal of the tour is to bring attention to the plight of “people who’ve been victims of the government cutbacks.”

“Whether it’s veterans unable to pay for their hospital bills or inner-city kids who’ve lost funding for their music program, all of these issues are human issues and have been disregarded for so long, we’d like you to join us in finding your voice and taking the country back,” Urmston said.

With an eye toward the presidential election, tour markets include pivotal swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida.

In conjunction with Amnesty International’s “Small Places Tour,” fans will be given multiple opportunities at each stop to get involved, including signing petitions to be delivered to the government, organizing protest groups and fund raising for grassroots human rights organizations and learning about organizations that fight for human rights like The Elias Fund, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Headcount.