Deadly Coincidence

Two brothers have died in separate incidents after falling on stairs at two Allman Brothers concerts.

James Hoey died August 22 after falling on concrete steps and suffering a facial injury while attending an Allman Brothers concert at Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands PAC (CMAC) in Canandaigua, N.Y.

He tripped while walking under the shell of the venue near the second entrance on the side closest to the wooden foot bridge. Witnesses said he tried to bring his hands up to catch his fall but it was too late and his face struck the concrete steps, according to the Daily Messenger.

James’ brother Raymond Hoey fell on the stairs at an Allman Brothers concert in Long Island several years ago and fractured his ribs. Two weeks after the concert Hoey died following kidney and liver failure, according to the Daily Messenger.

Although the fall had nothing to do with his kidneys, Raymond Hoey’s ribs caused him so much pain he didn’t notice the pain in his kidneys. Because his kidneys were never treated, his liver failed and it was too late by the time doctors diagnosed him.

James Hoey, 49, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes, the most severe form of the disease, died after being transported to the hospital.

Ontario County Sheriff’s Investigator Jackie Falkey said it was unclear whether his death was a result of the fall, a complication from diabetes or a combination of the two. Results of an autopsy, including the toxicology report, are pending.

The venue declined to comment.