Link-O-Rama …

New music site gives users a piece of the action – Associated Press

Blender rates Tupac Shakur #1 on its “most overrated person in music” chart. Music you loved as a teen ranks 23 on the list – Reuters

Don’t they know how to count CD sales in France? Last month the label for France’s first lady Carla Bruni said her CD sold 165,000 copies in France. Now it says the figure is 80,000. Go figure – AFP

The BBC prepares to launch its own online music store featuring downloads and streams – CNET /

Cliff Richard defends gay marriage, talks about his friendship with an ex-priest, and sidesteps questions about his own sexuality in his new autobiography – The Times Online U.K.

A near-fatal bicycle accident can certainly ruin your entire day, but for Melody Gardot it led to a music career – CNN

Young Jeezy does the Q&A two-step – Associated Press

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

Nightclubs and lots of ’em are on the new routing for Jack’s Mannequin. Individual dates include October 14 in Atlanta at The Loft At Center Stage, October 22 in Dallas a t Palladium Ballroom, November 2 in San Francisco at Slim’s and November 20 in DC at the 9:30 Club. Other newly added cities are Charlotte, Orlando, Delray Beach, St. Pete, Houston, Austin, W. Hollywood, San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Toronto, Montreal, New Haven, Boston and Philadelphia.

Ditto for OneRepublic as the band updates with a mammoth tour for October, November and December. Cities, dates and venues include October 23 in Fairfax at Patriot Center, October 26 in Toledo at the Toledo Civic Center, October 31 in St. Paul, Minnesota at Myth, Nove3mber 7 in Ogden, Utah at Dee Events Center, November 21in Vegas at Imperial Palace Hotel and December 7 in Toronto. This is one of those really big tours that one has to eyeball the entire schedule to appreciate the booking agent’s skill and the natural geographical beauty embedded in the routing.

Dizzee Rascal updates today with new United Kingdom dates. Stops include November 1 in Sheffield at Plug, November 2 in Liverpool at Carling Academy Liverpool, November 19 in Leeds at Carling Academy and November 22 in London at Kentish Town Forum.

And Al Di Meola routes some Euro dates for the first half of next year. Details include March 5 in Geneva at Victoria Hall, March 7 in Bern at Kultur-Casino, April 30 in Kempten at Kornhaus and May 2 in Weinstadt at Stadthalle.

During the last couple of hours we also revised the schedules for Band Of Annuals, Adele, Chava Alberstein, Graham Drout, Peter Bjorn And John, The Coffin Daggers, The Stolen Minks and Thanks For Nothing.

And that’s the score as we complete the first half of our day’s journey through the mystical land of concert data. Find out what’s going on during the second half in Your Latest Update, coming up around 3 pm (PDT), from!