Rumble At Ravinia

Two groups of Donna Summer fans fought over a patch of lawn before a sold-out Ravinia Festival show August 30, sending wine, cheese and fists flying.

One of the combatants suffered a split lip when he was punched, requiring a trip to the hospital and 15 stitches, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The dispute apparently started after one group set up blankets, chairs and a tarp then left the festival site for a restaurant. A second group arrived later and apparently decided there there was no savesies, moving the first group’s belongings and taking over the space.

The rest was pretty much inevitable.

Witness told police that when the first group returned to find their spot taken and belongings removed, a confrontation ensued, sending a wine and cheese spread flying when two women from opposing camps began brawling, and were joined by two men.

One of the men caught a punch in the mouth, and received 15 stitches for his trouble. The alleged puncher, Anthony Delgado of Chicago, was charged with battery.

Police spokeswoman Syndy Nugent told the Tribune that problems at Ravinia are rare, with only two battery arrests and a handful drug and alcohol related busts this season.

The annual outdoor fest runs roughly from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends, and features classical music, dance and usually adult contemporary musical fare.