First of all, let us assure you that nothing is wrong with the Web site that all 3,291 of our employees call “home.” has been here for more years than we can remember and it will remain here long after the final solar fires fade into history and cockroaches rise up out of the darkness to join Keith Richards in ruling the planet. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “we ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

However, like many Winnebagos that have acquired significant mileage throughout the ages, our house of tour dates is in dire need of an upgrade. Our search engine needs tuning and our interface needs a facelift. This place is in desperate need of a rebuild. And fast.

That’s why you might run into a few detours while looking up concert schedules for your favorite artists and bands. However, with great detours come great changes and the new, improved and gooder better will soon take its place among all the great pantheons of cyberspace. And that means sweeter search algorithms, meatier venue lookups and juicier news items. Feeling hungry yet?

Of course, the award-winning I.T. department is on the job, mapping out itinerary templates, building chart engines and designing more buttons to push. Heck, if our I.T. department can’t design it, chances are you don’t need it. And once you see what they’ve already created, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Suffice to say, when it comes to the I.T. department, the old saying “that’s not a bug, it’s a feature” is more than just a great punch line waiting to happen. It’s a business model.

Yes, big changes are coming. We may not be too sure as to when we’ll roll out those changes. Like fine wine, a Web site makeover should never be placed on the servers before its time. But we can tell you the launch will probably occur sometime before Axl Rose releases Chinese Democracy. In other words, any time now.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to serving your concert needs with a stronger, more robust!