Dorf Knits A New Club

Michael Dorf, the original owner of the Knitting Factory clubs of both coasts, has been spending his time organizing festivals – but now is going back into the club business.

Dorf sold the Knitting Factory clubs in New York City and Los Angeles in 2002 and created festivals in NYC including the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, Intel Rock Festival and the New York Jewish Music & Heritage Festival. Now he is expected to open the 500-capacity City Winery in New York January 1.

“There have been a lot of great venues opened recently in new York that offer a scene crowded with great promoters,” Dorf said in a statement. “But there wasn’t a place for the music fan who wants to sit in an intimate space and enjoy some great wine in a real glass, not a plastic cup.

“City Winery is my answer to that void. This is a place for people who have been culture fans since the early days of the Knitting Factory and are still looking for that great New York experience.”

The venue is expected to host 100 events a year as well as winemaker dinners. It is also expected to include a 70-capacity VIP lounge.