Gallagher was pushed offstage at the in Toronto, Ontario, September 7.

Oasis was about a minute and a half into the song “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory” when a man who was backstage rushed Gallagher from behind and pushed him into a monitor cabinet.

“Noel fell heavily on to his monitor speakers when he was pushed suddenly from behind by his attacker and suffered bruising to his ribs and hip,” reported concert promoter Live Nation.

“He was examined in a local hospital after the band’s performance and has been advised to rest. Unfortunately, despite resting up yesterday, the extent of his injuries mean he will not be able to perform tonight. The band are very keen to complete their Canadian tour and options for rescheduling the final London, Ontario show are currently being looked into. Ticket holders are asked to retain their tickets until a further announcement is made in a few days.”

I looks like tonight’s show is the only one affected.

Police charged 47-year-old Daniel Sullivan with assault; Sullivan appeared briefly in court the following morning, according to Toronto’s National Post.

Security stopped the man onstage as he turned from Noel and appeared to be heading toward singer Liam Gallagher. The band took a 15-minute break and finished its set.

Sullivan got past both Virgin and Oasis security to reach the stage, a spokesman told the Post. A motive was unclear at press time.