News …

Six charged in Europe / United Kingdom OiNK file sharing case – BBC News

iTunes 8 + Microsoft Vista = Blue Screen Of Death – Computerworld

Moscow military music festival canceled after Britain protests Georgia military action by refusing to send 40 bagpipers – The Moscow News

Yahoo Music to incorporate content from other music sites – Reuters

Can you name three great wingmen in rock? – Northern Star

Do you have the right stuff to learn how to play the guitar? – American Chronicle

Views …

Janet Jackson in Vancouver – “The opening set made it abundantly clear that Jackson has weathered many different musical trends and eras, but has always remained an individual.” – Vancouver Sun /

Madonna in London – “Madonna stayed for just an hour at husband Guy’s 40th birthday party and here’s why – she needed all her energy for last night’s incredible performance at Wembley Stadium.” – Daily Mail U.K.

Paul Weller in NYC – ” … he was manic, shuttling around the stage to change guitars, spit, mop his head or take a few pulls on a cigarette, which he repeatedly threw on the floor before his sung verses and snatched up again during someone else’s solo.” – The New York Times (registration may be required)

Mike Gordon in Boston – “Though a quiet member on stage with Phish, Gordon played the new role of front-man with ease, occasionally joking around with the audience.” – The MIT Tech

Kid Rock in the Pacific Northwest – ” … steals the show – and admits it – at Puyallup” – The Seattle Times

Celine Dion in Newark – “As high-tech as the show was, Dion kept it down-to-earth by chatting amiably between songs and exchanging goofy looks with her musicians.” – The Star-Ledger /

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

George Jones is 77

Maria Muldaur is 65

Gerry Beckley (America) is 56

Neil Peart (Rush) is 56

Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) is 43

Ben Folds is 42

Larry LaLonde (Primus) is 40

Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) is 34

Ruben Studdard is 30

Jennifer Hudson is 27