Copenhagen Arena Bids Deadline

Any company wanting to build a new multipurpose arena in Copenhagen needs to file a bid with the local council by Sept. 19.

Danish media speculation says AEG will be making a pitch – either on its own or with a partner – but the Los Angeles-based company isn’t commenting.

Two weeks ago, it raised its European profile with the opening of the new O2 World arena in Berlin.

One person who has made his bid to the city council is Brian Mollerup, chairman of the local FC Amager soccer club. He is heading an investment consortium teaming with “one of the world’s leading event promoters.”

He’s not saying whether that’s AEG, but Flemming Schmidt from Live Nation Denmark told Pollstar his company isn’t involved.

The venue will be on the Copenhagen island of Amager, from which Mollerup’s team takes its name, and will be part of a complete redevelopment of Ørestad district.

The plan is to make Ørestad a “new town” within the Danish capital, using the city’s Metro as the primary public transport grid, and connecting the area with the rest of Copenhagen.

The venue will present a range of sport and entertainment for crowds between 5,000 and 50,000.