Oz Promoters Flush With Money

The buoyancy of the Aussie touring scene saw five tour promoters return to the “Business Review Weekly” Top 50 Entertainers list.

Michael Coppel was at No.19 after personally making an estimated $5.3 million last year.

Michael Gudinski was No. 26 with $3.5 million, Michael Chugg took No. 33 with $2.6 million, dance company Future Entertainment’s Mark James and Jason Ayoubi took No. 35 with $2.4 million and Big Day Out’s Vivian Lees and Ken West were No. 39 with $2 million.

The Wiggles topped the list, with $45 million. Kylie Minogue was No. 2 with $40 million, Keith Urban No. 7 with $12.3 million, AC/DC No. 8 with $12 million, and tribute band the Australian Pink Floyd Show, which tours frequently through Europe, was No. 15 with $6.5 million.

Silverchair took No. 23 with $4.2 million and ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again was No. 41 with $1.6 million.