News …

It’s time to pay the piper as Mad Men advertising comes to Pandora – Wired / Epicenter

MySpace Music screenshots leaked – TechCrunch

Will the current economic crisis result in better music? – The Guardian U.K.

Is there anything music can’t cure? Now researchers are saying music can help dementia – The Age / AAP

Drummer who once toured with Take That and Whitney Houston sentenced to four years in the slammer for robbing a bank with a music-stand disguised as a gun – The Times Online U.K.

Wanna wear a piece of Elton’s bling? You can, but you’ll need about $22,000 to close the deal – The International Herald Tribune

Views …

Mary J. Blige in Raleigh, North Carolina – “Blige came across as a fool for love who just can’t seem to help herself. If she’s angry at her man, she’s even angrier at herself for not wising up” – The News & Observer

Dave Holland at Yale University – “The entire band had a genuine good time with music it loves, and that atmosphere on the stage translated to a transfixed audience.” – Yale Daily News

Sheryl Crow in Montreal – “You applaud her because her heart always seems to be in the right place. And you can’t help but be seduced by the engaging sense of abandon she brings to to her songs – average or not.” – The Montreal Gazette /

Mos Def Big Band in DC – “There were some great moments, and Mos Def was in fine form all night, rapping intensely and roaming the stage with the loose, low-key charisma that’s become his trademark.” – The Washington Post

Gordon Lightfoot in Buffalo – “As the concert continued, Lightfoot seemed to gain energy from the rapt audience, and dug deeper into his songbook – swinging through ‘Alberta Bound’ and into the bouncy ‘Don Quixote,’ from ‘Clouds of Loneliness’ to the lively ‘Baby Step Back.’ – The Buffalo News

Hanson in Dallas – “If Sunday night’s concert at House of Blues was any indication of Hanson’s popularity and talent, it’s safe to say the pop trio hasn’t lost its touch.” – The Dallas Morning News

Celine Dion in Columbus, Ohio – “Everything about last night’s sold-out show at Value City Arena was big: the set, the production, her voice, her gestures and her facial expressions, all of which were magnified on giant video screens.” – The Columbus Dispatch

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

Julio Iglesias is 65

Bruce Springsteen is 59

Leon Taylor (The Ventures) is 53

Don Herron (BR549) is 46

Ani DiFranco is 38

Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice) is 36

Jermaine Dupri is 36