Emilio and wife Maria Navaira were in stable condition at University Hospital after their car and a truck collided Wednesday. Police believe Maria Navaira was driving at the time of the wreck, which did not injure the truck driver.

Emilio Navaira has been undergoing rehabilitation since wrecking his tour bus in suburban Houston in March. His agent, Joe Casias, says the couple was on the way back from rehab at the time of the latest wreck. He’s been taking his rehab sessions in Houston until Hurricane Ike caused him and his wife to return home to San Antonio recently.

Emilio Navaira had a blood alcohol level of 0.19, more than twice the legal limit for driving, when he crashed his bus, according to police reports. Two of his bandmates have filed lawsuits against him over injuries they suffered.

After the accident, doctors performed two brain surgeries and repaired an aneurysm in the performer’s right lung. His doctors had been encouraged by his quick recovery but have said it is difficult to determine whether he will recover fully.

Known to his fans simply as Emilio, has released more than a dozen albums with his band. He won a Grammy for best Tejano album in 2003 with