The latest announcement came after a summer where Plant would fend off reunion questions from the press by either denying them or, in one case, pretending to fall asleep when one reporter breached the topic.

According to the source, Plant made the decision to rejoin the band when he learned Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham were shopping singers and prepared to tour without him.

“He realized he couldn’t face the thought of not being involved,” the source told the Sun, adding that the band was “over the moon” at the Zep singer’s decision to join them.

But Plant put the kibosh on the rumor once and for all, posting on his Web site, “Contrary to a spate of recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with Led Zeppelin. Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus tickets.”

He added that it is “both frustrating and ridiculous for this story to continue to rear its head” and wished his former bandmates “nothing but success with any future projects.”

After he wraps his tour with Alison Krauss Oct. 5, Plant has no intention to tour with anyone for at least two years, according to the statement.