The market is finally acting like that ol’ Dow Jones we all know and love. But what’s really a good sign that we may yet climb out of this economic mess is that our corporate masters are no longer considering the open window on our 20th floor corner office as a last-resort financial solution. Of course, they still haven’t removed the bullets from the pistols they kept aiming at each other, but hey, it’s still early in the week.

And we have good news to kick of this week’s excursion into data-land. That’s the 12 new AC/DC European dates that just posted on our Web site. Ranging from late February to late March, the new 2009 listings include February 25 in Paris at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, March 5 in Leipzig at Halle 1, March 7 in Dusseldorf at ISS Dome, March 17 in Prague at O2 Arena and March 27 in Munich at Olympiahalle.

Try as we might, and even though it’s been well over 40 years since it took place, we still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that Bob Dylan once played piano for Bobby Vee under the alias “Elston Gunn.” Our first update of the day has a couple new dates for Mr. Vee – November 1 in Worcester, Massachusetts, at The Hanover Theatre For The Performing Arts, and December 6 in Rahway, New Jersey, at Union County Performing Arts Center.

And Apes & Androids update today with new dates for both coasts – Halloween in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge, November 5 in Los Angeles at Spaceland and November 7 in Los Angeles at Echo.

That’s what’s up so far on this fine Monday morning. Don’t miss you Midday Update, coming up around 12 noon on!