Springsteen Rally Costs $55K

Bruce Springsteen and president-elect Sen. Barack Obama drew 80,000 to a Nov. 2 rally in Cleveland – costing the city $55,000.

The rally was held on the downtown mall and took place as 70,000 people exited a nearby Browns game, according to the Plain Dealer.

Springsteen played acoustically prior to Obama’s speech. The majority of the bill, $42,630, was for salaries and benefits for 82 police officers, more than half of whom were working overtime, the Plain Dealer reported.

Cleveland billed Obama an additional $10,227 for use of the Convention Center and $1,430 for paramedic services.

Obama reimbursed the city $1,400 for use of mall areas and a spokeswoman for Mayor Frank Jackson told the paper the Obama campaign agreed to pay the remainder of the bill.