Fugees Associate Goes Free

While such prominent names as Lewis “Scooter” Libby and Michael Milken have yet to be pardoned by President George W. Bush, former Carly Simon backup singer and Fugees producer John Forte is a free man.

Forte was arrested at Newark International Airport in 2001 and convicted of aiding and abetting in the distribution of cocaine, according to the New York Times. He has served seven years for transporting a suitcase filled with more than $1 million worth of liquid cocaine, according to London’s Guardian.

Simon, whose son was a classmate of Forte’s at elite prep school Philips Exeter, put up the $250,000 bail. Bush 41 and 43 both attended Exeter, the Guardian said.

Forte also has a powerful supporter in Sen. Orrin Hatch, according to the paper.

President Bush has commuted 16 sentences so far out of more than 2,000 pending petitions, according to the Times.

None of those pardoned have the name recognition of former vice presidential aide Libby, Wall Street junk bond king Milken, Olympic sprinter Marion Jones, former California congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham or so-called “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh, all of whom are seeking pardons for various indiscretions.