Jeff Hoyer, an employee at Instrumental Music and Sound in the harbor town of Ludington, explained that although he unpacked the guitar when it arrived, he wasn’t the first to see the image.

“Actually a customer discovered it about a week after it was hanging there,” Hoyer told the Ludington Daily News. “They said, ‘There’s a face on that guitar,’ and I turned and looked, and it hit me – there is a face on that guitar.”

Hoyer added while customers and sightseers agree there’s definitely a face in the wood grain on the instrument, just who it’s an image of is a matter of some debate.

“Well, it reminded me and a couple of other people of the Shroud of Turin and we know who that was,” he said. “It also reminds me of my brother, he’s a biker.”

The future of the Washburn D46SP is uncertain at the moment, but Hoyer thinks it’s unlikely that it will be sold.