The HoB club is on Disney-owned property, and the Mouse House has been said to keep a keen eye on what is presented at the facility.

Technically, “It was determined that the mix of entertainment at our two Disney locations should be different from our other venues,” Live Nation spokesman John Vlautin stated last year after Machine Head claimed it was cut from an Orlando gig. Live Nation owns the HoB chain.

Disney didn’t confirm nor deny music management, telling the Los Angeles Times “the House of Blues will provide a mix of entertainment for guests visiting Disney Resorts.”

Now it’s apparently Snot’s turn to fall from the Mouse’s good graces. The reunited metal-punk band said it was dropped from the Dec. 20 show with Mudvayne, which seems to have escaped the wrath.

“According to Disney, ‘Everything about Snot is offensive, including the name,’” the band stated. “We did our best to comply with their requirements, including removing images from our MySpace profile, agreeing to not play certain songs and providing ‘them’ a set list for approval.”

But that wasn’t good enough, the band said, and they were taken off the bill. They self-booked a show at the nearby Haven instead.

Live Nation had no comment.