Streets With Stones In Them

Dartford, England, loves the Rolling Stones. So much so that the town wants the Stones to have a permanent place in its infrastructure.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards went to school in the town, located just east of London. Jagger was born there and attended elementary school, where he met Richards when they were just schoolboys. It was at a Dartford train station where the two talked about forming a band together, according to legend (you’d think somebody would just ask the Glimmer Twins if it was true).

Photo: AP Photo
Starting the Euro tour at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy.

Now Dartford wants to name streets after them. One road will be named “Sympathy Street,” based from “Sympathy for the Devil.” Others will be “Cloud Close,” “Rainbow Close” and “Dandelion Row.” Do the associations.

That’s not all. There’s “Stones Avenue” and “Little Red Walk.” No doubt Satisfaction Street and Ruby Tuesday Drive are in the works.

No word so far on Sister Morphine Way, Street Fighting Street, Wild Horses Avenue or a Star Star Boulevard.

The new Stones streets are part of a major new housing development that will also include some businesses.