A Swedish Man In New York

A 24-year-old from Sweden who reportedly sold off what little he owned for an acoustic guitar and a one-way ticket to New York City has signed a global management deal with Hagenburg.

Adam Heldring recorded a four-track demo and crossed the Atlantic Ocean without knowing a single person in America and without having anywhere to stay.

He wrote his first album in an apartment building just off Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn and attracted interest from the music business with a show at CBGB’s.

Heldring has since spent a full year in the recording studio and played shows in New York, Los Angeles, London, Oslo and Stockholm.

Hagenburg, the Gothenburg-based management company that’s arguably the biggest in the Nordic region, says Heldring’s album tells the story about the great excitement and great loneliness of the city, on top of leading a life on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

“All pieces of the puzzle fell in place at once in this project and the response is consistently positive – both from the home market of Scandinavia as well as the U.S., where Adam already built an impressive reputation and network with his genuine personal expression and charm,” said Hagenburg senior artist manager Carolina Eriksson.

Heldring’s EP Metro was released Nov. 30.