Desmond Sues Prince For $2.3M

Irish concert promoter Denis Desmond has been granted leave to sue Prince for the losses and damages his company suffered when the star canceled a June 16 Dublin show.

David O’Donohoe, a solicitor acting for Desmond’s MCD Promotions, told the Dublin High Court that no contracts were signed but e-mail correspondence between his client and Prince’s agent demonstrate that an agreement was struck.
O’Donohoe said in an affidavit that in February Prince agreed to perform at Dublin’s Croke Park for a fee of euro 2.2 million ($3 million).

He said that on Feb. 28, Prince’s agent – Tony Goldring of William Morris Agency – sent an “unambiguous e-mail” confirming the agreement. Desmond paid the requisite deposits before the shows went on sale.

On June 6, 10 days before the show, WMA informed MCD that it had to be canceled because Prince wasn’t going to make it, according to the Irish Independent.

It left 55,000 fans disappointed and Desmond’s company wanting euro 1.6 million ($2.25 million) for losses and damage to its reputation.

O’Donohoe said that despite MCD’s best efforts to persuade the artist to play, Prince refused to do so. No reason was given for the cancellation, he added.

“We’ve served writs on the artist but they’ve all been ignored,” Desmond said, explaining that he applied for a High Court order that would allow his company to formally start proceedings against Prince.

Mr. Justice Michael Peart granted the orders and Desmond confirmed he’s chasing the act for the money.