The commissioner agreed to place Adler in another drug rehabilitation program rather than send him to prison for missing a court hearing the week before in connection with a recent drug-related arrest.

Adler, who graduated from the Pasadena Recovery Center in the Dec. 18 season finale of “Celebrity Rehab,” had agreed to check into a sober living facility at the show’s conclusion. VH-1 is airing a new show, debuting Jan. 15, called “Sober House” that chronicles the ongoing treatment of Adler and other celebs.

The shows reportedly taped last summer, and the word of Adler’s July arrest and charges on felony drug possession, misdemeanor count of being under the influence of drugs and subsequent enrollment in another rehab program may serve as something of a spoiler for “Sober House.”

Adler told the commissioner he missed his previous court date because he was in that rehab program, which he’d completed the day he was ordered to the state program.

The troubled rocker, a “Celebrity Rehab” fan favorite, will remain on probation as he tries to complete the court-ordered program.