Jackson Health Claim Questioned

Less than a day after “official biographer” Ian Halperin announced that Michael Jackson is gravely ill with a rare genetic disorder, Rolling Stone raised some doubts as to Halperin’s veracity.

According to RS, the first line of the writer’s bio claims he won a “Rolling Stone magazine Award for Investigative Journalism.”

“This came as news to us, so we looked in our own archives and discovered this claim has been greatly exaggerated: He did win an RS honor, but it was the College Journalism Award in 1985 and it was split among the staff at Concordia University’s student newspaper in Montreal,” the magazine explained.

Photo: AP Photo
Michael Jackson, looks "Dangerous" during the American Bandstand 50th anniversary show taping, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California.

RS also pointed out that Halperin co-authored two books theorizing that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain might have been murdered, and wrote unflattering biographies of James Taylor and Celine Dion and a tome that claims to reveal the “sordid secrets” of Hollywood.

Halperin did not respond to the magazine’s request for a comment.