Madonna Rules The World

Madonna not only topped North American ticket sales in 2008, but duplicated the feat worldwide as well, grossing $281.6 million with 2.34 million tickets sold across the globe.

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Celine Dion was second, as she was in the North American Pollstar tally, with totals of $236.6 million and 1.8 million ducats moved. Bon Jovi racked up $176 million from 1.83 million fans, fellow New Jersian Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band followed with $166 million grossed from 1.64 million turnstiles rung, and The Police rounded out the Top 5 with $120.6 million and 1.13 million tickets sold.

The rest of Pollstar’s Worldwide Top 10 is filled out by Neil Diamond with $94.8 million in grosses; Eagles, $86.6 million; André Rieu, $76.9 million; Kenny Chesney, $72.2 million and Coldplay, $71.9 million.

How did 2008 numbers stack up against 2007? Glad you asked.

Madge edged Sting and the boys, 2007’s top worldwide tour, in total tickets sold. The Police topped last year’s list with 2.23 million compared with Madonna’s 2.34 million in 2008.