Now, a Windy City entertainment publication, The Chicagoist, is reporting that the person in question, whose name was reported as Darren Stephens, is not, nor has ever been a member of the famed mime group.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Stephens, 45, was arrested late afternoon Dec. 29 for publicly engaging in a sex act with a man identified as a Park Ridge, Ill., assistant high school principal. The paper cited police sources for the information.

But a statement issued by the Blue Man Group and posted by The Chicagoist denied Stevens had any connections with the group.

“Published reports today inaccurately identified a man named Darren Stephens who was arrested in Chicago as a ‘Blue Man Group actor,’” read the statement.

“No individual by the name of Darren Stephens has ever been employed by Blue Man Group as a performer or in any other capacity.”