Birth of a New!

It’s been a long journey from blueprints to reality, from abstract concepts to final coding, from sledgehammers, power drills and paint sprayers to search engines, photo walls and comment threads. Now it’s time to say, “Welcome, world! Welcome to the new!”

We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Showing off the new home to friends and neighbors is always an exciting moment and we’ve been dreaming about this day ever since we first sketched our plans for the new onto a wrinkled cocktail napkin more than one year ago.

And there’s plenty to show off!

Check out the “Newest Listings” table on the front page displaying which bands and artists have just been updated as well as the act’s genre and the number of new dates posted. It’s real-time results, but faster, as if just thinking about a date, city and venue makes it appear on our home page. It’s your opportunity to watch a tour grow, something shiny to keep your mind occupied during those dull moments on the daily grind. Plus, if it keeps our bosses busy for hours at a time (and off of our backs), think what it will do for your employer!

We’re also very enthusiastic about our new 3D Photo Wall via CoolIris. After downloading the free plug-in for your browser, click on the “Photo” tab at the top of the home page and click on the “fullscreen slideshow” link located on the top right corner of the picture display. Pretty cool, eh? What’s more, moving the slider on the bottom of the screen enables you to browse our massive photo collection in seconds. Go ahead, put it through its paces. But you might want to tie a rope around your waist first. You know, so you don’t get lost.

But those are just two of the added features to our new home, like better MyPollstar management and more AutoNotify selections. It’s the you’ve always wanted, and it’s right here, right now, in front of your face. Explore! Experience!! Enjoy!!!

Of course, there are always those embarrassing first day moments when showing off a new home. Those moments when guests notice something that might have been overlooked. Like when walking folks through, say, the new kitchen, and somebody points out the red stains on the floor. Or when someone asks about the odd smell wafting up from the cellar. Or when the neighbor’s kid asks why a body is stashed under the basement stairs. Yeah, those moments can be a little … awkward.

Yes, we’ve all been there before. What’s more, we’re sure you’ll understand there are still a few places where the paint isn’t quite dry, where we still need to put up a few restraining rails and one or two safety signs reminding you to keep your head covered and your arms and legs within the ride at all times.

But other than a few loose ends, a few streaks on the windows and few mud tracks across the carpet, the new is ready for its worldwide debut. Go ahead! Slam a few doors, jump on the furniture and shake this place down to its core. We’re confident it will handle whatever you can dish out. And if it doesn’t, just leave a note in the comment thread at the bottom of this page.